Here is some tools I did in MaxScript to assist me in some boring and repetitive tasks in 3dsmax.

Petri's AutoRig is faster and more correctly to position the bones in a character, leaving the bones already renamed.
you can also create a simple rig and add the bones in the skin with just a single click.
DOWNLOAD Petri's AutoRig
To run Petri's Autorig, copy images to the "Scripts" folder on 3dsmax's installation directory, then run the .ms file.


DOWNLOAD Petri's MaxTools

Here is some videos showing the main resources of Petri'sMax tools.

TurboSmooth Manager

V-Ray Presets Manager

Array Along Vertex

Procedural Animation

Modify Tools

Create Tools



Bug Rigger

Morphs Mirror

Copy/Paste Postures

Spline Array